How I Write

Writing since I was 12, I always loved the escape of it. Reading was the same. You can step into the world of these characters and live as they are. You go through their growth, their pain and tears, and their happy moments. Writing and building these worlds has become something that I am passionate about. It helps that I have the stupidly funny ability to turn the most simple of plots into a complex series. Worldbuilding is some of the best parts of writing.

My Tools

My Most Important Tools
  • World Building Binders

    One of the most important pieces of my writing. I keep all of the worldbuilding contained within a binder or notebook. Most of the series that I have included their own binders with everything from places, settings, clothing, and even magic system limitations and creatures.

  • Scrivener

    Scrivener is the single most comprehensive program I use for writing. It keeps everything in one place and easy to work with. I have a single project folder for entire book series, which allows me for quick searching and access to all the book manuscripts at once.

  • 4 The Words

    Picture to the right, this is an online RP game site for writers. It encourages you to battle against monsters through writing words. You can quest and go through many regions with all different monsters. Loot is dropped and you can build materials for amazing items for your avatar.

    The first month is FREE!
    Try it out and use the code:

    I'll send you a little gift to get you started and you can see just how amazing it is that writing can be! They make it fun.

The Writer's Mindset

The Most Important Things to Always Remember

Write At Your Pace

It's super important to write at the pace that suits you. Even if that means skipping days, weeks, or even years. Writing is supposed to be fun, not a chore. Burnout can happen, so take your time and don't feel pressed to hit all the goals.

Celebrate the Small

Remember that it is all about that you did something. You got up and wrote something or plotted. You did something small or large, it is worth celebrating. Celebrate the small things and treat yourself often. Party Hardy for the Biggie Goals.

Write For You

Writing is all about having fun. It's about the love of the worlds and the characters. You should love it and love all that it entails (well sometimes.. editing is a PITA). The point is that never write for people but for yourself. Others will come to love your writing because you love it.