Moon’s Release

“A character gets a pebble in their shoe”
Chaos bonus: they cannot stop running
Para-bonus: theyre a werewolf and when they shift,
the pebble get stuck in their toes
Second Para Bonus: They are also a ghost

Prompt from a friend


Feet slammed against the ground of the forest floor. It was dark, the trees looming like the haunted past. Breaths came in panting gasps. Blood rushed through the ears at the smallest sound.


Have to keep moving. Closer. Move Faster. Pain. There.

Stephon looked down to see that his shoe had ripped. The Hunter was not far behind and the sound of the metal sent the hair on his body on end. The trees swooped and swayed in the night air. It was harsh out. The light of the moon was struggling to pierce the darkest shadows of the canopy.

“You can’t hide from me, mutt. I will hunt you down like the mongrel that you are.”

Stephon limped as the rock dug further into the bottom of his foot. There was a slight trickle of blood as it pierced the soft flesh. He wanted to whimper as it dug further with each pounding step. His mouth clamped shut and he tore through a particularly rough patch of a thorn bush. A low hiss got swept away on the wind currents.

A chuckle sounded from behind.

The man tore forward through the underbrush to reveal a stretch of forest with a game trail. The smell of the Hunter was awful. Tobacco and sweat mixed with the must of a man hunting for days on end. Stephon wasn’t faring much better himself. He surged forward onto the game trail as fast as he could. There, ahead. He grinned. The moonlight streamed through a gap in the thick trees. The second that he crossed through the beams of silver, the painful spasms ripped through his muscles. He cried out in agony for a brief moment, unable to hold back the scream of transformation. There was a howling roar.

Yellowed eyes sharpened and sensitive ears flicked. His gait picked up speed as his loped off through the forest. The Hunter was fast on his heels. The man was talented, Stephon begrudged. Eyes scoured the area as padded paws thudded the ground. Lancing pain shot through one foot. That damned stone. He shook it out but that one split moment was enough for the Hunter. A whistling was heard just before Stephon was flooded with pain. It lasted all for a moment before the pain became a blissful release. Euphoria overcame his senses as his body fell. His body felt light. There was a beautiful beam of silver streaming onto his face.


A woman, so elegant in silvery white held her hand out. Stephon reached through his haze to take her delicate hand. Hair white as snow was crowned with jewels and flowers. Her body was sensual with each movement. Grace. Beauty. His eyes were all for her. No pain. No fear. The ecstasy swept through him as he stood. Yellowed eyes flickered to see his body below him, a triumphant Hunter crouching down to check for life.

A delicate hand stroked his cheek, his gaze recaptured by silver eyes. Her smile was radiant and soft. He felt his heart beat.

“My beloved. You no longer have to be the strong one. I will carry you from now on.”

She kissed him softly, her lips brushing his. The woman backed away before he could respond, a hand held out to him.

“Come, child of the moon. Your Goddess will watch over you now.”

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