Magic In the Blood (Emissary of Magic Season One #1) [Signed]

Dyani wakes to find that she has become the sacrifice in an ancient vampiric ritual. He wants to gain more power and she wants to live. Sabotaging the ritual was the first step, but what she did not account for was the fight for her life in more ways than one. Magic is real and she is now confined to this new world with no contact with her old one. To them, she is dead and it must stay that way. A meddling Goddess and a world full of prejudice biases, Dyani struggles to find her true place in it all.

In the days leading up to her official introduction, Dyani prepares as best as she can for the nightmare of any sane adult. Reliving High School but with magical teenagers and a manipulative Headmistress.


  1. Amazon Review

    If you haven’t picked up this book by Ashley Fetterman, you’re not gonna be able to drop it when you do. Astounding writing, brilliantly characterized, and full of intrigue, I can’t wait for her next book to come out


    This book is amazing. It was easy to read and you just wanted to know what happened next. This is a book everyone should read.

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