Selene’s Daughter

When Pan the satyr god seduced the moon goddess, Selene, he was not expecting a baby to be the result of a good tumble in the sack. Except, a baby girl is exactly what he gets.

Selene, Endymion, and Vexa visit Pan so that he could see his daughter. Pan is offered the chance to raise the child for the first four hundred years of her life. Selene and Endymion let Vexa go, believing that she will return to them long before she turns of age. Only, when it comes time for Vexa to be returned, Pan admits that his daughter will remain with him until her two thousandth year. Before the lovers can react, Pan dashes away into the forest, unable to be seen again.

Selene grows concerned when the world changing with the times, new religions being born, and followers becoming scarce. Her daughter’s safety is a risk the longer Pan has her. She grows desperate in her search, catching Pan a few times before he slips away. What lengths will a Mother go to in order to protect her child from the very world she was conceived on?

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“Vexa,” she whispered.

The baby, which had remained asleep during this time, opened her eyes and giggled. Selene and Endymion both sighed in relief at the clear approval of the little girl. Endymion brushed the soft hair of the baby before setting a kiss atop her head.

“Sleep sweet, Vexa. There is much to learn and grow, our precious child.”