Song of the Nightingale [Signed]

“It’s Jacqueline, not Jack, and I am the Ripper.”

It was 1888 and London was bustling with the rich, the poor, and the depraved. Within the depths of London, lay the East End’s Whitechapel. It was the section of the city where the lowest of the classes lived. Women frequented the streets to make the pence needed to survive. I lived with my husband, John, who is the perfect man and could have been the best father. Our lives changed the day that I miscarried, the doctor pronounced me unable to bear the children that we so desperately desired. I fell into the pit of grief and despair at the idea we could no longer have a family together. An ideal was born from the depth of that depression and anger. It was my task in life to serve the penance to those women who brought shame upon their fertility through prostitution. These women did not deserve their wombs, their gift, and their ability to bear children without miscarriage. Jack was born to serve this purpose.

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  1. Crystal Crossings – Amazon

    What an engaging and unpredictable twist to the story of Jack the Ripper. I am glad it was a quick read because I could not put in down. This will completely draw you into horrible world of Jack the Ripper. This is the first story of Ms. Fetterman I have read and it was a very good thriller. Trust me I will be on the lookout for additional works by this author. I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it. I am so glad I downloaded it. Just to let you know the author explains the title at the end a truly inspired reason for the title.

  2. Amazon

    This is a wonderfully written story, re-telling the Jack the Ripper story with a female villain. Each chapter allows the reader to understand the MC, Jacqueline’s state of mind, from loss, to martyrdom, madness and finally happiness. Each scene vividly detailed, showing rhe madness she was succumbing to with every murder. The frustration Jacqueline felt evident with every read of the newspaper. An interesting twist on the story with understandable motives. Highly recommended!

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The scalpel was quick. Easy. Just like the times that she had practiced before. Jacqueline pushed the thoughts of the war away. This was not the time to dawdle as the whore had to pay for her carelessness. The blood poured from the left side of the umber skinned woman’s neck and onto the cobblestones. The swipe was quick and the woman lay lifeless.

“I could have helped you. You should have agreed. I mean no harm. You just do not deserve the precious life you have been given. You threw it away, through drink and whores-life.”