Treason (Redemption #1) [Signed]

Cadeleine Nikeux is a runaway slave, an orphan, and not to mention an impulsive person. She gets herself into more trouble than what she would like to admit. Having escaped the clutches of her Master, Cade scrounges around for her next meal whenever she can and is willing to do the dirtiest of jobs to pay for it. Her prized possessions are the daggers that keep her safe while living on the streets of the Capital, Naranxa.

This is her safe haven until she attacks a person higher up on the food chain. Cade goes on an adventure that will most likely kill her in many ways possible and has her learning more about whom she has become. But that’s what a girl needs to live, right?
After all, when you are set to die for treason, wouldn’t you bargain your freedom for his life?

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“I never would have condoned what has been done to you.”

Turning around, her face flushed with the wrath of a thousand slaves behind her. Cade’s tirade caught in her throat when she saw the horror-struck look on his face. The girl paused with her arm raised slightly from where she was about to slam her hand on the door. Tegan’s eyes never ventured down to her barren chest. Instead, his eyes were fixated on the tears that glinted in the dim lighting.

“I never would have allowed slavery to happen in this realm if I had taken it over. I am never proud of that part of my family’s laws. How could a country thrive on the backs of others?”