QotD [07.07]

What’s your favorite name(s) that you’ve given to any of your characters? Feel free to explain how you chose the name/meaning behind it if you want as well!

Tien/Cheveyo – Tien is Vietnamese for Spirit/Fairy and Cheveyo is Hopi for Spirit Warrior. I use these because she is a Spirit Elemental, who has a two gender soul – male and female.

Aenon – Greek for Spring (water) or Fountain, who is a Water Elemental

Althea – ConLang for this book, means Honor Mage

Mikaere – ConLang for this book, means War Nobility

Other names I’ve used:
Emelyne, Cadeleine, Tegan, Tristan, Brin, Xath’tellok, Mar’alon

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