QotD [07.08]

Post a quote from ANY source (project itself, something you made up, book/movie, random aesthetic thing you found on Pinterest – literally anything!) that gives off the ~vibes~ of your project (and/or was used as a source of inspo for it)

There are times in someone’s life when we look back and remember all the things we regret doing. This, however, was not one of those times. For what Cadeleine Nikeux was about to do was even worse.

Treason (Redemption #1)

They’re coming. My breath hitches. God, I wish my nose would stop itching. This is the world in which I thought not existed but in tales for the kiddies. That damned cat. Why must I have such a heart? And damn this itchy nose. They were close upon my spot. Close enough that I could see the whites of their eyes. Can’t breathe. Don’t move. Close eyes and kiss my ass goodbye. Hands grabbed at my bruised flesh and I heard the shouts. The cavalry had arrived. The Gates thrumming with power behind me. Energy bursts sent shockwaves across the ground, causing me to tumble into the nearest Fae. The one hit hissed at me. Damn that cat. Damn everything. Damn this place and all of it to Hell. And Damn the itch that plagues the tip of my nose. I scratch at it and hope that the gesture is offensive to the Fae, because if I am to die, might at well make it interesting.

Forest of Shadows

The orb sat on a pedestal in the center of the stage. The swirling glow within it was both mysterious as it was thrilling. Golden eyes watched as each person stepped forward with a call of their name. Hands would slide across the smooth surface and the mist within would twist and turn until it gave off a glow. All reactions were different. Some bright, some on the dull side. Each time a telling measure of their worthiness. The strength of the wielder and their affinity for their Element would give way to cheers or solemn silence. The wait was long and the owner of the golden eyes watched as each turn yielded acceptance or denial. Would that be her fate? Would the crystal orb speak of her own affinities with the Elements? 

Firstborn [Neophyte #1] (Elemental Reign Season One)

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