QotD [07.09]

Tell us about obscure trivia for your project! Names a character almost had (or how they got their names), dropped plot lines, what almost happened, etc! Think the “trivia” section of wikia pages lol

Redemption Series
– Saer used to be Angel (Angelus), who literally was never planned, never existed… until the scene came up where she was rescued and he wrote himself in. I didn’t realize it until I was already knee deep in the scene with him in it.
– It has gone through 6 variation titles before settling on what it is now.
– It was supposed to be a one book, but there ended up being so much characterization that it had to be split up because the word count of the original doc tripled itself (150k+)

Elemental Reign
– This started out as 1 book. Moved to 3 books. Someone suggested something, pushed it 5 books. Another suggested a split in cannon, which made it 7. Then ended up needing so much more room for my world building that I ended up writing each planned 5 books into 5 seasons, each with 4 episodes (which makes 20 books total).
– It’s been through 6 revision covers since 2013.
– Aenon was supposed to be the love interest until someone pointed out that there was a massive plot hole…. and suddenly Aenon has a handsome older brother that will be a secondary main love interest, Aenon is sneaking in to be a crush, Brin was supposed to befriend is now also sneaking in…. and her actual love interest is mildly amused and annoyed at 3 other suitors
– There wasn’t a ConLang or even the appearance of demons until the third book in the first go through of the series…. but they’re so integral to the world that it was a massive plot hole. So the whole story shifted to include them in.

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