QotD [07.13]

What are some things your character(s) really cares about?



Sofia – Not returning back to the human world where her abuser was. Callean – Proving that Sofia is a no-good human. And then cares for her while training for the Travail


Tien/Cheveyo – figuring out who she is. getting her demon companion.
Aenon – Prince, figuring his place in it all. Caring for Tien, keeping her secrets.
Brin – Caring for Tien, becoming her main affections, Getting stronger. Mikaere – Going up the chain of command as a General/Commander General. Getting Tien as his apprentice.
Althea – help Tien when she needs, keep her secrets, getting Tien as her apprentice.
Sama’el – finding his human companion in Tien. Finding Jezebel and the culprit causing forced summonings.

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