Redemption Series

If you were set to die for Treason, wouldn't you bargain your freedom for his life?


Cadeleine Nikeux is a runaway slave, an orphan, and not to mention an impulsive person. She gets herself into more trouble than what she would like to admit. Having escaped the clutches of her Master, Cade scrounges around for her next meal whenever she can and is willing to do the dirtiest of jobs to pay for it. Her prized possessions are the daggers that keep her safe while living on the streets of the Capital, Naranxa.

This is her safe haven until she attacks a person higher up on the food chain. Cade goes on an adventure that will most likely kill her in many ways possible and has her learning more about whom she has become. But that’s what a girl needs to live, right?

After all, when you are set to die for treason, wouldn’t you bargain your freedom for his life?



Cadeleine Nikeux has been through hell and back to get even a glimpse of the Prince. Including, but not limited to: assassination attempts, multiple death encounters, and even potentially falling in love. It's one of the many things that caught even her by surprise.

Now, she faces the darkest part of her emotions while trying to keep positive in the worst of times. Her companion tries their best to keep her moving forward as they draw closer and closer to the Prince's location.

It's only time before the world and it's secrets come spilling out, but how much more can Cade take? Was this mission worth the hell that it's inevitably put her through?