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Author of Fantastical, Paranormal, and Chilling Thrill

Ashley is a writer and lover of the Fantasy and Paranormal, writing in both the YA and New Adult age range. Currently, Ashley resides in Pittsburgh with her family and Darwin. She debuted in 2014 on Black Friday with her novel Firstborn (Elemental Reign #1).

Ashley is an alumni of GMU with a degree in Anthropology and Religion, which she incorporates into her novels and workings.


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Grindstone, PA 15442

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  • Fantasy

    Enjoy the fantastical world of Tanaris in the Elemental Reign Series. Explore the Magical World through Dyani's eyes in the Emissary of Magic series.

    Save the Prince with Cade as she races against time to get herself off the treason list in the first of the Redemption Series: Treason!

  • Paranormal

    Coming soon!

  • Chilling Thrill

    Stalk the Streets with Jacqueline as she succumbs to the psychosis and bloodlust in the gender-bent Jack the Ripper tale. Follow along with her in Song of the Nightingale.