July 10, 2020

Post any similes/metaphors/symbolism/allegories from your project that you want to share! Tegan threw the girl high into the air and Cade’s stomach dropped. The scenery around her shattered into pieces as Tegan was dragged down through a ravine by unseen hands. He was calling for her, reaching out. Emelyne, instead of laughing, was screaming. She…

July 9, 2020

Tell us about obscure trivia for your project! Names a character almost had (or how they got their names), dropped plot lines, what almost happened, etc! Think the “trivia” section of wikia pages lol Redemption Series – Saer used to be Angel (Angelus), who literally was never planned, never existed… until the scene came up…

July 8, 2020

Post a quote from ANY source (project itself, something you made up, book/movie, random aesthetic thing you found on Pinterest – literally anything!) that gives off the ~vibes~ of your project (and/or was used as a source of inspo for it) There are times in someone’s life when we look back and remember all the…

July 7, 2020

What’s your favorite name(s) that you’ve given to any of your characters? Feel free to explain how you chose the name/meaning behind it if you want as well! Tien/Cheveyo – Tien is Vietnamese for Spirit/Fairy and Cheveyo is Hopi for Spirit Warrior. I use these because she is a Spirit Elemental, who has a two…

July 6, 2020

Does your MC and/or other characters in your project have pets? If so, what kind? Pursuit – She has a child, does that count? She has a horse named Lleyland. First Class – she has a few of the demons that love her. Elements are turned into Conjurations of things. So sometimes she has the…

July 5, 2020

Where’s the best place (in your opinion) to get food in your project’s setting? Well, for Pursuit… pretty much any of the taverns. For First Class.. they have the Refectory Hall. For Forest.. she has to hunt for her own food in the Forest.


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A Touch of Magic (EoM2)
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