July 2, 2020

I saw a prompt once that was “What would happen if a sandwich maker accidentally summoned a demon because he made a summoning sigil on the bread via mustard.” Prompt from friend The café was bustling. The bell tinkled every time another came in and the man sighed but kept the smile on his face….

July 2, 2020

“A character gets a pebble in their shoe”Chaos bonus: they cannot stop runningPara-bonus: theyre a werewolf and when they shift,the pebble get stuck in their toesSecond Para Bonus: They are also a ghost Prompt from a friend Crunch.Crunch.Snap.Crunch. Feet slammed against the ground of the forest floor. It was dark, the trees looming like the…


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A Touch of Magic (EoM2)
Due:2 months ago
His Tanzanite Shadow

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