January 25, 2021

I was “diagnosed” with ADD as a kid. At the time, there was a distinction between ADD and ADHD. In those times (the early to late 90’s), it was extremely common for kids to be diagnosed with it. In fact, I very clearly remember that when it hit the mid-00’s that having ADD/ADHD was actually…

January 20, 2021

WEEK TWO JOURNAL ENTRY This week was really hard on me. Between bad mental health and then getting sick with soy allergy… I’m super surprised that I was able to get the words that I did. I got stuck with my book, the characters got way too handsy and decided to have ~spice~ and threw…

January 4, 2021

Kinda do a little journal each week to think back on things. This week was both productive and not. I really started getting deep into EOM#2, with writing a brain dump and just using prompts to really drive the story. Things are happening that are shocking me and trying to keep up with the sexual…


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A Touch of Magic (EoM2)
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His Tanzanite Shadow

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