Week 1 Update

Kinda do a little journal each week to think back on things. This week was both productive and not. I really started getting deep into EOM#2, with writing a brain dump and just using prompts to really drive the story. Things are happening that are shocking me and trying to keep up with the sexual tension of goodness. They keep me awake, what can I say?

I want to be really proud of myself this week (though it was only 3 days), because I was able to do daily posting on social medias about my books. I was able to crack down on my 3am writing mania to produce some very good chapters. Most of all, I didn’t feel pressured of writing. I wrote something every day. I did my advertising ever day. So to me, though I missed the author’s blog, I completed everything on my to-do list for the week.

One thing that I have discovered is that my best writing time is at night, which I’ve always known. The thing is that I’ve really started to embrace and understand that maybe my sleep schedule is not the best, but it’s something that I find the most productive and feel the best. Although, I have noticed those early days I do get a lot done, waking up after a 12-3am writing jaunt and already having 2500 words written for the day is the BEST feeling ever. It breaks it up so that I can not burn out but also achieve between 2,000-5,000 words a day. That is a super goal for me. 

The final thing that I have discovered is that I should do a brain dump before I go to sleep. I managed to get 1,000 words of plotting, outlining, coming up with one-liners, and even better are the entire scenes written out to use in later chapters. Not only did 30 minutes of doing this yield good material, I ended up falling asleep and really sleeping. Not tossing and turning.

So goals have been achieved and I am learning to understand that I can’t do everything, but that is totally okay. I’m also learning not just my characters, but I’m learning about myself in the process. I have huge goals this year… and I started the year out with a bang that I want to continue. If I can commit to writing three books last year on a whim… I can commit to really knuckling down and doing what I love but twice that.

TOTAL WC: 15,728

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