Wrapping up 2020

Going through the WriYe as per usual or the end of the year stuff, here’s the questions that we answer in looking forward to the coming year.

Q1. First things first, how did you do this year? Did you hit your WriYe goal? If so, yay! If not, then there’s next year to try again!

I didn’t do the best in WriYe, but I am proud of myself for getting 3 books done and published. I’m hoping next year I can finish.

Q2. What was your favorite story that you wrote this year? Why?

I would have to say that my favorite story this year was redoing the Elemental Reign series, being able to add in entire new aspects with ConLang

Q3. What was the hardest thing you wrote this year? Why do you think it was so hard?

I would say the hardest was the newer book, Magic in the Blood. I think this was because it’s new series and I have not written so much on it yet.

Q4. What did you realize you need to work on overall in your writing? Do you have a plan for next year to tackle that specifically?

I want to work on improving writing overall and being able to clean up the grammar and sentences.

Q5. What did you realize you’re really satisfied with in your writing style?

I really enjoy working with world building and weaving it through the stories.I think that without a strong background and world, the characters can only hold so much. A strong world makes it more life-like

Q6. What challenge, WriYe or non-WriYe, was your favorite for the year?

I think my favorite was the events from 4thewords this year! Definitely a bunch of rewards for writing

Q7. We have Resurrection April every year, where we revisit or rewrite a novel from a previous year. Are any of your 2020 projects planned for Rez. April 2021?

Ohhhh my first project for 2021 is actually a resurrection. So I may have to pull out something else that I haven’t worked on it quite some time.

Q8. What non-writing goals did you set for yourself and succeed in this year (that you wish to share)? Are any of those carrying into next year?

I don’t really have much that I worked towards that wasn’t a goal towards writing.other than building my social media.

Q9. What new non-writing goals did you make for next year, if any?

Focusing on my social media building.

Q10. What would you like to say to your fellow WriYers after this 2020 year of chaos?

I think that this year was rough and hard for everyone, but it’s the fact that we all stuck to our guns and really worked to get writing done.

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